Dunning functions in Loans Management enhanced for 4.0B


The dunning functions in loans management have been completely redesigned (see online documentation for dunning in the loans area).

Change system parameters in customizing

You need to activate the dunning functions in the Customizing settings for product types in a company code if you want to generate dunning letters.

You need to make all other settings and definitions under Functions -> Dunning. ( see IMG documentation ). For example, you need to define your own dunning forms for loans.

If you are upgrading your system from 3.0 to 4.0B, or have already created loans under 4.0A, the following report program is available to copy the Customizing settings to the loans master data. First, enter all the Customizing settings for the dunning procedure (including activating dunning for the product type in the company code). Then, execute the conversion report program (Documentation).

You no longer need to enter the

key for the dunning notice grouping . This field is not taken into account any more for loanitems to be dunned. Transactions are now grouped via the above-mentioned summarization level, which you can assign individually for each loan. This also means that you no longer need to specify the grouping key in Customizing under Create customer automatically (you only need to set a default for the dunning procedure). By contrast, you can still use dunning areas. If you only want to include loan items in a dunning run, and exclude items on the customer account from other applications, enter '1' in field BSID-VERTN under 'Restrictions...' when you define the parameters for the dunning run.