Payment requests for order management in loans


From Release 4.0A, the payment request functions previously available for money market and foreign exchange are now also supported in order management in loans.

The functions allow you to generate data carriers for payments resulting from purchases of borrower's notes using payment requests and the related payment program.
You define the necessary data about the partner (counterparty of the purchase order) in the standing instructions for payment details (such as bank type, payment method, house bank, house bank account). You can define this for the relevant product types of product category 310. You also have the option of defining or changing the data in each individual order.
The payment request is generated when the purchase is posted. If the posting is reversed, the payment request is deleted, provided no payment run has taken place.

Change system parameters in customizing

The purchase is not posted via the bank clearing account defined in account determination, but via a payment account which is used for handling all payment requests. You define this account in Customizing under
Treasury Management -> Basic Functions -> Accounting -> Payment Management -> Payment Request -> Define clearing account for payment requests.

You can also define the standing instructions for the counterparty in partner management.

Changes in procedure

When you create a purchase order, choose 'Payment request'. On the dialog box which appears enter the data on bank type, payment method, house bank and house bank account. If you flag the 'Payment request' field and transfer the data, the text 'Payment request noted' appears in the header data of the order. When you make the posting, the text 'Payment request created' appears. If no text appears, no payment request has been created.