New sample letters for text processing in loans


Two new sample letters are provided for correspondence in loans management:

1. External payment schedule
2. Disbursement letter

External payment schedule

In addition to the payment schedule available in the loans menu, an external payment schedule can now be printed via text processing and can be altered to suit your own purposes by means of the settings offered in Customizing. You can specify which flow types are displayed in which column and you can modify the layout.

A cash flow is generated for a loan for the entire period in which condition headers exist. Only the flow types which are defined as external flow types in Customizing are displayed.

Disbursement letter

The disbursement letter provided previously is now replaced by a more comprehensive disbursement letter. The new letter has the same name as the previous letter. The name of the previous disbursement letter has been changed to AUSZAHL.ANS.ALT.

All previous disbursements (planned and actual) are available in the new disbursement letter and you can select the required disbursement using transaction FNV5 (disbursement). If you print out a disbursement using a transaction other than FNV5 (for example, using transaction FNV3), the last disbursement will be printed out, as in previous releases.

When you print out the disbursement letter, details of all drawings related to the disbursement are displayed.

Change system parameters in customizing

External payment schedule

You need to make the following settings in Customizing under:

Treasury -> Treasury Management -> Loans -> Functions -> Correspondence

The FORM routine 'ZAHLUNGSPLAN' in report 'RFVDTXSR' determines the cash flow and collects the flows in accordance with your Customizing settings.

The data are made available for text processing (SAPscript) in the following transfer structures:


The amounts (VALx) are totalled for a payment date, so that one line is displayed for each payment date. In addition, annual totals at the end of a year and a sum total are also displayed. A line with an annual total is marked with a 'Y' and the sum total is marked with a 'T' in the field VDSCRPOS-KNZ1.

You can also use the structures which are provided by text processing by default, such as:

Further notes

External payment schedule

For more information on external flow types see the Release Notes on interest certificate and external account statement.