New functions for account statements via contract processing


When you display the account statement via contract processing, the system defaults to the 1st of the previous quarter as the start of the selection and to the 31st of the last month at the end of the selection. You can click on the date fields (highlighted in green) to change the period. The system then automatically selects the data for the new period.

You can sort the flows displayed in the individual columns in ascending or descending order. If required, you can hide reversed flows.

To hide line items and their related flow types which you do not wish to appear on the account statement, choose the function "Suppress flow types".

If data has changed since you made the selection, you can update the data by choosing "Refresh".

You can branch directly from the account statement to the cash flow and the open items on the customer account. Developers can also call up the corresponding records in VDBEKI and VDBEPI.