Changes for postings transferred from Financial Accounting


The following two new features are available for postings from Financial Accounting:

1. You can define automatic account assignment per profit center.
This can be useful when, for example, you want to post price variances in Materials Management to the profit center of the material. Previously you could only do this by not defining the price variance account as a cost element.
In Release 4.0A, you can define a product cost center for each product profit center and derive this from the product profit center.
For documentation on this, see the Implementation Guide (IMG) for Cost Center Accounting where you define automatic account assignments ( Maintain Automatic Account Assignment ).
2. When you posted data to a statistical order, you previously could enter a cost center stored in the order master in the posting line. In Release 4.0A, you can make a setting in Customizing so that this cost center from the order master does not overwrite a manually entered cost center.
For documentation, see the F1 help for the field "Actually posted cost center" in the control data of the order master ( Actually Posted Cost Center).