Archiving CO line items (archiving object CO_ITEM)


The archiving object CO_ITEM covers tables COEP, COBK, EBII, COEJ, COEPBR, COEJR, COEPL, COEJL and COEPB. These tables, especially tables COEP and COBK, can become very large.

Previously, you could only archive and delete these line items by archiving the objects to which these line items belonged. (The exception to this were the cost centers. This could also be archived using the archiving objects CO_CCTR_EP and CO_ALLO_ST, which deleted the line items without deleting the objects.) This can cause problems particularly if you have long-running orders (including production orders and sales orders) or projects. To reduce the data volume in tables COEP and COBK, you would have had to delete the entire orders or projects.

Archiving object CO_ITEM lets you archive CO line items without archiving and deleting the corresponding objects and summary records. This can be for more than one object type at a time. This is supported for the following object types:

The archive files created can be displays using the standard line item reports in Controlling.


Define residence times and block sizes

Further notes

For additional information, see the online documentation on the archiving object CO_ITEM in the section "Archiving and Deleting Application Data".