Enhancements for Overhead Customizing


A check table and a text table have been created for the master record field "Overhead keys". When you first maintain entries in these new tables or enter a value in the overhead key field in the master data, the tables are filled with the values already used in the master records. You can also use Report RKAZSL01 to fill the tables with existing values.
To maintain overhead keys in Customizing, authorization object K_ZSCHL (CO: Overhead keys) is checked by the system. Here you can issue authorizations for specific name areas. There is also a check for authorization object S_TABU_DIS (Table maintenance (using standard tools, for example SM31)) in authorization group KC.
Maintain overhead key
You can now transport overhead rates with overhead maintenance.
The necessary authorizations were detailed further. The check is carried out as before on authorization object K_VRGNG (CO:Transactions, actual postings and plan/actual allocations) as well as on authorization object S_TABU_DIS (table maintenance (using standard tools, for example SM31)) or authorization group KC and additionally for the
These additional authorization objects allow you to restrict authorizations to name areas.
Maintain costing sheets
The number of fields, from which overhead rates can be made dependent, was increased in the standard delivery to include the fields "Profit center" and "Responsible cost center". These are master record fields for the objects to which overhead is to be applied (orders, projects, and so on. Dependency D080 was created for the "Profit center" field.

Effect on batch input

New field names were added on the screens for the new maintenance interface for the costing sheet, calculation base, overhead and credit.

Changes to the interface

Maintenance for the costing sheets, calculation bases, overheads and credits was made using view maintenance.