Summary and Line Item Reports from Archiving


Some Report Painter and line item reports delivered with the standard system can be used to evaluate archive files for Cost Center Accounting archiving objects (CO_COSTCTR, CO_CCTR_ID, CO_CCTR_PL, CO_CCTR_EP, CO_ALLO_ST) and internal orders (CO_ORDER) as well the archiving of CO line items (CO_ITEM).

Combinations of reports and archiving objects valid in the standard system are listed in the online documentation discussed below.

Changes in procedure

In Report Writer reports, you use the "Data source" pushbutton to display a dialog box that allows you to select an archiving object and its archive files.

In line item reports, this function can be found under "Extras-> Data source".

Further notes

You will find more information in the R/3 Library under "Controlling -> Overhead Controlling -> Cost Center Accounting -> Information System -> Interactive Information System -> Read standard reports from archive".