Copy Actual to Plan


As of Release 4.0A you can copy all actual data posted on cost centers to plan if the actual data can be planned manually :

You can copy debits to cost centers from order settlement. Depending on the source of the costs, primary or secondary costs are updated in plan.

If you carried out splitting in actual, the order settlement costs are posted activity dependent by the system analog to the primary costs.

Customer Exits

Before posting to plan, you can change the actual data with two customer exits. These enhancements are described in more detail in the Release Note Copy Planning: Enhancements.

The two sample programs provide a basis for customers to create their own exits for adjusting actual data to be transferred to planning:

Changed User Interface

Release 4.0A supports saving of selection variants during object selection. You have the option of reusing common variants (such as all cost centers overseen by a given person).


At this time, costs in plan are posted as activity-dependent if actual splitting occured using the second splitting step.

Release 4.0C will support splitting of activity-independent costs in actual with the first splitting step.

This change will have no effect if you:

For more information on splitting, see the R/3 Library under "Controlling -> Overhead Cost Controlling -> Actual Posting and Allocation -> Period-End Closing: Accrual (...) -> Variance Calculation -> Actual Cost Splitting".

Further notes

For more information, see

Notes on Copying Actual to Plan.