Budgeting can be entered in several currencies


From Release 4.0A you can enter budgets for orders and projects in several currencies.

Each budget line item is saved in the currency, in which it was entered. Also, the amount is saved in the controlling area- and the object currency, if these are currencies with variances. To do this, the system determines the relevant exchange rate from the exchange rate type and the value date.

You can also enter the budget in the

This is valid for each project profile or order type.

You can use budgeting in several currencies only for projects and orders created from 4.0A onwards. For projects and orders that you created before 4.0A, you should budget exclusively in the controlling area currency. Otherwise, your budget values in the object currency will not be displayed correctly.

Changes to the interface

The budget value display has been enhanced with several additional views.

Further notes

You can find more detailed information in the R/3 Library under Project System -> Budget Administration -> Budgeting in Several Currencies