Segment Corrections


Up to now, it was not possible to correct postings in closed periods unless you repeated the period-end closing. However, some information, such as the values for the tracing factors, is often not available until after period-end closing. By then it is often too time-consuming, or even impossible, to repeat period-end closing.

Release 4.0 contains the functions "Reverse segment" and "Reverse segment and reallocate segment" for distribution, assessment and periodic reposting of actual data. These functions let you correct postings in individual segments from closed periods.

To correct a segment, you need to specify the period you want to correct (processing parameters) and the posting period (posting parameters).

The period being corrected and the posting period can be in different fiscal years.

Segment reversal

The function "Reverse segment" (correct segment without reallocating) lets you carry out reversal postings (postings with negative signs) for actual periodic repostings, assessments or distributions in the period being corrected. The posting itself is made in the posting period.

Segment reversal and reallocation

The function "Reverse segment and reallocate" reverse the postings as described above and then reallocates the segment again using the current definition (especially regarding the receivers) and the tracing factors of the period being corrected and the sender values determined through the reversal. The posting is made in the posting period.

You can reverse segments online or in the background. You can also carry out a test run without posting the data.


In addition, the function "Reverse" lets you reverse the correction postings made using the functions "Reverse segment" and "Reverse segment and reallocate".


The functions described here are only available for actual data. It usually does not make sense to use the reversal functions for iterative cycles, because they are only carried out for the specified segments. Effects on other segments in the cycle are ignored.

For more information on reversing segments, see the R/3 Library under "Controlling -> Cost Center Accounting -> Actual Postings and Allocation -> Period-End Closing: Periodic Allocations -> Segment Reversal in Closed Periods".