Enhanced Account Determination


Release 4.0A provides far more flexible options for account determination:

You now can replace the adjustment account found by the standard account determination options available since Release 3.0A with any substitution.

This offers you the greatest possible freedom in choosing the adjustment account to use for reconciliation postings.

Changes in procedure

If you have already defined account determination for reconciliation postings in Release 3.0/3.1 and made the reconciliation account dependent on the object class, observe the following changes:
For credit postings in Relase 3.0/3.1, the account determination is called up for the object class of the partner object or partner company code. This was so that the adjustment posting would be posted to an adjustment account for allocations between objects in different object classes.
In Release 4.0A, the system no longer switches the object classes and company codes for credit postings. Using the enhanced account determination, you can decide which reconciliation account should be found on the basis of the object class, company code or credit/debit indicator.