New Field "Reconciliation Account" in Line Items


In Release 4.0A, the line items in the reconciliation ledger were extended to include the field ACCOUNT. This field stores the G/L account to which the reconciliation posting was made in Financial Accounting (FI). This can be an adjustment account found using account determination or (for primary cost elements) the FI account that corresponds to the cost element.

This field improves reporting on the reconciliation ledger:

1. The FI documents created by a reconciliation posting can be found quickly and reliably using this field.
Note: Previously, the
account determination function was called up to determine which G/L account should receive the reconciliation posting. This lead to problemsn when the user changed the settings for account determination between the time the reconciliation posting was made and when the report on the reconciliation ledger was executed.
2. The line items for the reconciliation now contain information on which G/L account received the reconciliation posting. You can display this information.

If reconciliation documents already exist in your system, you need to fill the field "ACCOUNT" now.
To do so, execute program 'RKAKALX2':


This program reads the FI documents that were created for the reconciliation postings to determine the G/L account (reconciliation account) to which the reconciliation posting was posted. Then it enters these accounts in the documents for the reconciliation ledger.