Archiving Functions


In Release 4.0A, you can archive and delete data from the reconciliation ledger. The archiving program can be executed for one or more company codes and fiscal years. In each case, the system archives and, if desired, deletes the summary records and the line items.

You can also execute reports on archived data. The system reads the archived records instead of the original records.

You can find the archiving functions in Cost and Revenue Element Accounting under "Tools -> Reconciliation ledger -> Archiving".

Additional information

Change system parameters in customizing

If you have defined your own Report Writer or Report Painter reports for the reconciliation ledger and want to use these reports as well for archived data, maintain the table view "Reporting and Read Programs for Archive Files". for the archiving object CO_CEL_RCL, enter the report groups that you want to use to report on archived data.

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