Activity Price Calculation


Previously, activity prices in the object currency were always found by translating the prices in the controlling area currency. As a result, it was often impossible for the object currency to be credited completely. Now you can set a switch in the settings for price determination that lets you interate the activity prices independently in the object currency. However, this only works if both the sender and receiver have the same object currency. If this is the dase, the amounts in the object currency are handled just like in assessment.
Previously, you were required to run and post the split before you calculated activity prices. Now you have the option for actual data, as in planning, to run the split while you are determining activity prices. The results are then not posted. You set this using a switch in the settings for activity price calculation.
Previously, when you used manually entered activity prices in the activity network, the allocation rates calculated and the primary cost components displayed did not always match (allocation rate x activity <> total of all components. Now the difference is also included in the cost component split. The assignment is made via the allocation cost element for activity allocation. A manual change to the activity price also leads to a change in the component that is assigned to that allocation cost element.