Planning in CO: More Than One Planning Layout in the Planner Profile


In Release 4.0, within Customizing for the planner profile, you can enter several planning layouts for one planner profile. This applies to application components that use both the planning processor and the planner profile.

You assign planning layouts to a planner profile in Customizing for each component under "Create own planner profile".

In manual planning for each of the components, you use both of the new functions "Next Layout" and "Previous Layout" to jump to the different planning layouts for a planner profile.

To improve the specification for the two icons, the icons were changed for the old functions "Next Combination" and "Previous Combination".
The following changes were made to the icons for Release 4.0:

The icons for the functions mentioned above are now identical in all components.

Change system parameters in customizing

If required, you can include more planning layouts in your planner profile.

Cost Center Accounting
Activity Based Costing
Overhead Cost Orders
Profitability Analysis
Project System

Effect on batch input

Note that these changes have no effect on existing Batch Input Programs.

Changes to the interface

Note the changes described above for the assignment of the "Previous Combination" and "Next Combination" functions.

Changes in procedure

From Release 4.0 you can use the new functions described above both in your old planner profile as well as when you create new planner profiles.