Planning Layouts for Cost Element Planning Without the Trans. Curr.


First change:

In Release 2.X/3.X, the CO area currency was automatically used as the transaction currency in planning layouts for cost element planning, which did not contain the transaction currency as a characteristic.

From Release 4.0, the appropriate object currency is set instead for newly created data records.

If the object currencies and the CO area currency do not agree, the following applies to data records in Release 4.0 in layouts without a transaction currency if the data records were created in Release 2.X/3.X.

Second change:

From Release 4.0, if you do not use the transaction currency as a characteristic in your planning layout, plan and actual costs included in the layout are cumulated in the CO area- or object currency through all data records, even if they were posted under different transaction currencies.

If you change these cumulative costs, you post under the transaction currency corresponding to the object currency, if such a record already existed. Otherwise, the posting is performed under the first transaction currency found by the database.

The indicator "Actual costs in the transaction currency" can only be used in a layout in which the characteristic "Transaction currency" is used.