Printing Internal Orders: Connection to SapScript and Mass Printing


The printing of master data and settlement rules is now made through SapScript.

You can define your own forms. The system determines which form is used for the order printing through the order type or using enhancement COOPA004.

If you do not enter a form, the printing is executed using the default layout. In a form, you can print both the order master data and the formatted long text, as well as the settlement parameters and the settlement rules.

As well as the existing single print in the master data maintenance, you can now also print the order data from the collective display.

Additionally, you can print all orders completely in mass printing. Mass printing can be executed in the background.

Change system parameters in customizing

Use workstep Prepare order printing to create your own forms for order printing.

Changes to the interface

1. To call up mass printing, choose "Master data -> Collective processing -> Mass printing" in the internal orders menu.
2. To print the master data and settlement rules for the selected orders, choose "Collective display -> Order list -> Print -> Orders" in the Internal Orders menu.

Changes in procedure

To use the forms, you must first import them from client 000 and activate them in SapScript.