Changes to the Settlement Rule


In particular, the fast entry screen has been converted to the table control technique. The following were added to the overview screen.

The internally determined serial number for the distribution rules has been replaced by an (external) number that can be entered by the user. The system displays the rules sorted according to these numbers. In this way, you can more easily refer to to the individual rules (for example, in batch input).

The "Receiver" menu no longer appears in Release 4.0. On the details screen for the distribution rule you can enter all possible receivers in accordance with the settlement profile. From the account assignment entries, the system determines automatically the account assignment category for the distribution rule.

This also allows you to enter more account assignment combinations than previously. You can combine all receivers, except fixed assets and G/L accounts, with a statistical auxiliary account assignment on a cost center, statistical order or a statistical WBS element.

Initial access to the settlement rule now always occurs through the fast entry screen, even when no rules have been entered. When you navigate within settlement rule maintenance, the "Back" function always takes you back to the fast entry screen.

Checks to establish whether equivalence numbers and percentages were entered are made by period. You can therefore use the validity period to switch from percentage settlement to settlement by equivalence numbers and vice versa.

It is no longer possible to create a rule that contains both an amount as well as an equivalence number or a percentage.

When you enter a rule for the G/L account, the system sets the default settlement type as "FUL" (instead of "PER" as previously).

Notes for internal orders

You now also require a settlement profile for settlement through the settlement fields in the order master data. You should therefore enter a settlement profile in all order types for orders of categories 01 and 02. Additionally, the system now also checks with settlements to just one receiver, whether the receiver is permitted by the settlement profile. You should therefore check the settlement profiles if required.

Through the new authorization concept in internal orders, you can prohibit the entries for the settlement parameters. For more information see " General authorization object for internal orders".

Notes for settlement in the plan

You store the number of maximum allowed rules in the settlement profile. From Release 4.0 the number of rules in the plan is checked separately from the actual rules. If, for example, the number of rules is 8 according to the settlement profile, then before Release 4.0 the maximum total of actual and plan rules was 8. From Release 4.0 you can now create 8 actual rules and 8 plan rules.

Note for asset accounting and investment management

The fast entry screen for AUC settlement to fixed assets was replaced with the general fast entry screen. So that you do not have to enter "AST" as the account assignment category for each fixed asset you enter, you can set the account assignment default in the settlement profile to "AST". The system uses this default in the fast entry screen if you have not entered a receiver type.

(Note for batch input: Screen 0120 for program SAPLKOBS was replaced with screen 0130).

Note for settlement by line item for capital investment measures and fixed assets under construction with line item management:

From Release 4.0 you can also settle line items by amount. For this, you use the amount entered in the distribution rule for each line item to which you have assigned the distribution rules.
You have a distribution rule with the amount $100 on fixed asset 4711. From each line item to which you have assigned this rule, $100 is settled to fixed asset 4711.

Notes for maintenance

When a maintenance item is a sender, the system no longer displays the the number of the maintenance item, but the standard information for the maintenance plan.

Change system parameters in customizing

Settlement profile