Process Costs in Product Cost Controlling (CO-PC)


In Release 4.0A, you can allocate overhead in the Product Cost Controlling component (CO-PC) with the aid of the Activity Based Costing component (CO-OM-ABC). You can thereby calculate business both plan and actual process costs.

The R/3 System supports planning of overhead credits using Activity Based Costing in the following Product Cost Controlling areas:

For actual data in

Cost Object Controlling , you can use Activity-Based Costing to allocate business process costs at period-end closing to the following cost objects:

general cost objects

You can also combine Activity-Based Costing and overhead costing, for example, to calculate overhead for business processes.

Change system parameters in customizing

For detailed information on the settings you need to make in Customizing, see the Implementation Guide for Product Cost Controlling (see also

Further notes

For more detailed information on activity-based costing in Cost Object Controlling, see the documentation for the Cost Object Controlling component.