Enhancements to Costing with Quantity Structure


The following SAP enhancements are available:

1. Material valuation with cross-company code costing

For the valuation of materials that are transferred across company codes, the following options are available:

2. Costing production resources/tools (COPCP003/EXIT_SAPLCK01_001)

The costs for production resources/tools are calculated within production overhead using a flat rate. This enhancement can be used to differentiate between the planned costs of the production resources/tools in costing with quantity structure.
You can use this enhancement to specify how production resources/tools are to be costed. The production resources/tools can be displayed in separate cost components in the cost component structure.

3. Costing bulk materials (COPCP004/EXIT_SAPLKKEX_001)

You can cost bulk materials in the standard cost estimate and include them in the cost element itemization.
If the Bulk materials indicator is set in the material master, the relevancy to costing indicator in the BOM is not ready for input. With the enhancement, the relevancy to costing of the material for the standard cost estimate can be determined. The items with the bulk material indicator on item level of the BOM are also considered as relevant to costing.

Further notes

Further information can be found in the Implementation Guide for Product Cost Controlling and in the documentation for the corresponding function modules.