Additive Cost Estimate Using Unit Costing


From Release 4.0A, entering costs manually in a cost estimate with quantity structure is carried out by means of a unit cost estimate. The items of an existing additive cost estimate can be used as a basis for the new additive cost estimate.

The additive costs are added in their line item form to the itemization of a cost estimate with quantity structure. This does not apply to raw materials that do not have an itemization.

Item categories S und T are not transferred into the cost estimate with quantity structure.

Changes in procedure

You reach the additive costs function via the menu path Accounting -> Controlling -> Product Cost Planning -> Material Cost Estimate with Quantity Structure -> Additive Costs.

The former manual cost estimate function is still available via transactions CK71, CK72 und CK73. For subsequent releases, however, it will be superseded by the unit cost estimate.

Further notes

Further information on additive cost estimates can be found in the documentation under Product Cost Planning in the R/3 library.