New Costing Run Functions


With Release 4.0A, the following functions are available for carrying out costing runs:

Costing versions

You can carry out costing runs based on costing versions. Costing versions enable you to carry out several costing runs for the same materials with only minor changes to the control parameters without having to define new costing variants.

You can mark and release the results of the costing runs based on all the costing versions to be updated in the material master.

Selective costing

You can specify that only cost estimates with errors should be repeated.

Updating other prices

From Release 4.0A, it is possible to update not only the results of the standard cost estimate (standard price) but also the results of the inventory cost estimate, modified standard cost estimate and current cost estimate (tax-based, commercial and planned prices) via the costing run in the material master.

Reference costing

You can create several costing runs based on the same quantity structure and thus reference existing cost estimates. In Customizing for Product Cost Planning, define a reference variant and enter it in the costing variant.

Search help for material selection

For material selection, there is an integrated search help in the initial screen, making it easier to select the materials for the costing run.

Change system parameters in customizing

For working with costing versions:

For costing using reference variants:

Further notes

Further information about costing runs can be found in the R/3 library documentation under Product Cost Planning .