Restructuring of the IMG in Cost Object Controlling


As a result of the restructuring of Product Cost Controlling to reflect the new component hierarchy, the Implementation Guide for Cost Object Controlling was restructured accordingly.

In addition, new sections and new activities were added due to the new functions. The following sections and activities were renamed:

The lower-level nodes were renamed accordingly. For general information on the restructuring according to the new component hierarchy, see under Umstellung der Komponentenhierarchie im Produktkosten-Controlling

The following activities were moved:

For information on the restructuring of the Product Cost Controlling Information System, see: IMG-Änderungen im Informationssystem CO-PC

The following activities and sections were added:

The following sections and activities were deleted:

The settings that were made before Release 4.0A in Cost Object Controlling for process manufacturing are made under Product Cost by Order starting in Release 4.0.

Any information that you may have stored in the IMG for Cost Object Controlling in Process Manufacturing you should transfer accordingly.

The following activity was deleted in Product Cost by Order:

Change system parameters in customizing

Further notes