WIP Calculation and Results Analysis in Multiple Valuation Views


Work in Process (WIP) at Actual Costs

If you are using transfer prices , Release 4.0A enables you to calculate work in process at actual costs in up to three different valuation views in Product Cost by Order . You can update the work in process to the relevant production order or process order in the following valuation views:

For example, you can eliminate the intercompany profits from sales between subsidiaries by using the group view, enabling you to see the true value added of the group.

You can settle the work in process in three valuation views to Financial Accounting and Profit Center Accounting. The receiving application components select the valuation views that are relevant to them.

Results Analysis

You can also use results analysis for sales document items , projects, and long-term internal orders in multiple valuation views so that you can carry the results analysis data in multiple valuation views. This is particularly useful when you are using nonvaluated inventories such as nonvaluated sales order stocks and nonvaluated project stocks with which the value of the inventories is calculated by results analysis at the end of the period.

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