Scheduled Costing of Activities in Networks


Internally processed activities of networks and production orders that are scheduled are being supported by scheduled costing from Release 4.0A onwards.

You can activate scheduled costing by means of the Scheduled activity price calcn. indicator in the valuation variant.

The system then distributes the planned work in the activity using a distribution key and valuates it according to schedule. Valuation is carried out using the activity price of the corresponding period.

If no plan activity price is maintained in future periods, a planned activity input is valuated with the most current activity price found. This activity price can be from the current period or a future period. The procedure for this control is contained within a new strategy for the valuation of internal activities (strategy 6).

The distribution key for distributing the planned work to the separate periods is entered either in the transaction (for internally processed activities in the network) or in the work center:

A distribution key can also be entered for general costs activities, whereby the planned costs are distributed to the periods.

Overhead is calculated according to schedule based on the distribution of the planned work or the planned costs.

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