Product Drilldowns


The product drilldown in Release 4.0 uses a more efficient summarization method. The same summarization methods are now used as are used in Profitability Analysis in CO-PA. The data procurement of the product drilldown now passes data to Cost Object Controlling in key-figure based data structures. The standard system provides two summarization levels which are also supplied through the data procurement. This means that jumps to reports with original cost element can now only be made at the order level.

The assignment of materials to product groups has been enhanced in Release 4.0:

Change system parameters in customizing

You have used the product group in the product drilldown in Release 3.0 and want to continue to use it in Release 4.0, or you want to determine the product group on the basis of the other derivation rules.

To do this, you must go to

Maintain Report Parameters for Product Cost Controlling and maintain the derivation rule for the product group in the settings for product drilldown.

Changes to the interface

The product drilldown reports used in Release 3.0 cannot be run on the changed data structures in 4.0. The standard system includes new product drilldown reports that are based on these new data structures.

Make sure you have done the following:

Procedure for removing dataset errors

The data summarized in Release 3.0 cannot be accessed in Release 4.0.

You should therefore carry out a one-time data procurement run for the entire summarization period.