New functions in valuation using product costing


In Release 4.0, you can valuate transactions in Profitability Analysis with up to six different cost estimates at the same time. You can transfer the cost component split in either the company code currency or the controlling area currency.

You can transfer the cost of goods manufactured to Profitability Analysis using the cost component split for the cost of goods manufactured or the primary cost component split. In Customizing for Product Cost Planning, you can decide which of these two cost component splits to store as the main cost component split and which as the ausiliary cost component split.

In previous releases, you could assign costing keys to materials or material types. In Release 4.0, you can also assign them to any other characteristic in your operating concern. In addition, you can have the system read the costing data using the plant contained in the CO-PA line item, or you can specify a special "valuation plant" to use to read the cost estimate.

In Release 4.0, it is also possible to valuate transactions using a sales order cost estimate.