New features in manual planning


1. Multiple currencies in costing-based Profitability Analysis
You can plan in CO-PA in either the operating concern currency or the company code currency. You specify which of these currencies you want to use for each plan version. This "basic" currency can be translated to the other currency in reports, or you can store the data in the other currency by copying the data to another plan version that uses that currency.
2. Derivation check
In Customizing for plan versions, you can select the "Check derivation" indicator. If you do, the system checks each profitability segment in planning to see whether the specified combination of characteristics is compatible with your derivation strategy. Example: You specified a product group in the general data selection and a product in the lead column. If "Check derivation" is active, you can only enter products that belong to the specified product group.
3. Form-based planning
With the function "Propose rows", you can fill the lead column in your planning layout with characteristic values. If the "Check derivation" indicator is active in the current plan version, the system checks the compatibility of the characteristic values with the derivation strategy. For example, if your lead column contains products and your general data selection contains one product group, the system only displays the products that belong to that product group.
4. Customer enhancements for planning functions
Customer enhancement COPA0006 lets you program your own planning functions. This enhancement is also available for the automatic planning transactions. Here are some examples of what you can do with this enhancement:
5. Print formatting
The "Print formatting" function displays the data on the planning screen in list format. You can then print this list.
6. Cut/Copy/Paste
These functions lets you move or copy values from the planning screens to the clipboard and insert them somewhere else on the planning screen.
7. Change values
This function lets you modify the values contained in a selected area of the planning layout. The available change functions are "Revaluate" and "Add".
8. Insert
This function lets you insert a new line anywhere in the layout.
9. Undo entries
With this function you can undo all the entries in the last dialog step. You can undo up to five steps. If you performed this function accidentally or changed your mind, you can also redo all five steps using the "Redo" function.
10. Next layout
"Next layout" is only available if you are using a planner profile. This lets you scroll to the next planning layout in your planner profile. You need to save the data on the current layout before going to the next one.
11. Subtotals
You can display subtotals in the planning layout. When you choose "Settings -> Lead columns", you can specify for each lead column whether subtotals should be displayed. If your planning layout contains more than one lead column, the system displays subtotals each time a new value begins in the left column.
12. Authorization check
The authorization object K_KEPL_VER for plan versions, which was previously used in automatic planning (complete planning) is now also checked in manual planning. The authorizations for characteristics in CO-PA planning that you define in Customizing are also still checked.