New functions in automatic planning


1. Multiple currencies in costing-based Profitability Analysis
You can plan in CO-PA in either the operating concern currency or the company code currency. In Customizing, you specify which of these currencies you want to store the data in for each version. When you copy the data from one version to another, the system translates the values if necessary. This means that you can set plan targets in the group currency and then distribute the values top-down to the individual company codes, so that detailed planning can continue there in the local currency. Or you can add local plans from different company codes to a single group plan.
2. Customer enhancements for planning functions
Customer enhancement COPA0006 lets you implement your own planning functions. This enhancement is available for the functions "Copy plan", "Change plan" and in manual planning. For examples, see the release note for manual planning.
3. Variants
You can store all the parameters required for running the automatic planning functions as a variant for the relevant function. You can then execute the functions with these variants later. This is intended to help prevent wrong entries on complex selection screens and make it easier to carry out the functions repeatedly. Variants are available for all the complete planning functions (copying, forecasting, top-down, changing, deleting and transferring to SOP and LIS).
4. Flexible characteristic selection
In addition to single values or asterisks (*), you can now also enter intervals or several single values in the characteristic selection for the automatic planning functions.
5. Copying profitability segments
You can copy the plan data for a profitability segment to another profitability segment. For example, you can use the data for one product as the default for a similar product.
6. Enhanced distribution functions in top-down planning