New interface for data transfers between LIS and CO-PA


In Release 4.0, you can transfer data between LIS infostructures and CO-PA operating concerns.

Data transfer CO-PA -> LIS:

You can transfer any plan data from any operating concern to an LIS infostructure. You can also decide how aggregated the data should be transferred.

The existing function for transferring plan quantities to SOP is still available in Release 4.0A. This function will be integrated with the new LIS transfer in a later release.

Data transfer LIS -> CO-PA:

It is also possible to transfer plan data from any LIS infostructure to CO-PA. The level of detail with which the data is transferred can be defined with an assignment in Customizing.

When you transfer plan data from an SOP infostructure to CO-PA, you cannot choose the level of detail. In this case, the assignment of characteristics is implicit. In addition to plan data, you can also transfer actual data to the actual data in CO-PA. However, this only applies to statistical key figures that are not pure noncumulative values.

Change system parameters in customizing

You Customizing the interface in three steps:

The assignment group contains attributes such as the operating concern and plan version, and the assignments of characteristics and key figures.

LIS interface