Enhancements for transferring incoming sales orders


You can transfer valuated incoming sales orders to Profitability Analysis in order to obtain an early analysis of expected revenues.

Up to now, the sales order was updated in the period in which it was created. In Release 4.0, you can choose to update it in the period in which the good is expected to be delivered or the period of the scheduled billing date, if available.

Results based on incoming orders are represented as a cumulative value. This means that you cannot use CO-PA to analyze order balances.

In addition, a new function is available for transferring sales orders subsequently to Profitability Analysis if you activate the transfer to CO-PA at a later point in time.

Instead of storing faulty orders in a batch-input session, the system provides another function that lets you post these documents subsequently to Profitability Analysis. This function is found in the application menu "Tools -> Faulty sales orders -> Post available". A display function also lets you analyze the cause of the errors.

Change system parameters in customizing

To update incoming sales orders in the period of delivery or billing, you need to enter "2" (= active with delivery date/date of billing) in the field "Transfer incoming sales orders" in Customizing under Activate transfer of sales orders.