Saved Data for Drilldown Reports Are Lost


All saved data for investment programs for all drilldown reports that you generated in Releases 3.0/3.1 can no longer be accessed in Release 4.0, and are therefore lost to the user.

You have to execute the drilldown reports again in Release 4.0 in order to generate saved data that is current.


The drilldown tool allows you to save a version of your report that applies for all users; that means that the saved data depends on the entry parameters of the report and will be overwritten the next time you save.

You can and should only use this function in order to save report data on the short term , that various users require in the same form, or that is required at different points in time, or for which the online selection takes too long. The function is not intended for long-term saving of data at a given historical point in time.

Damage caused to data by errors

Saved data cannot be reconstructed with its status at the historical point in time.