New features in the generation of aspects


1. Separation: Field maintenance - aspect definition

For Release 4.0, the creation of new characteristics and basic key figures on the one hand and the structure generation for aspects on the other have been separated. Up until now, the creation of fields took place implicitly together with the aspect maintenance.

There are now individual transactions for characteristic maintenance ( Edit characteristics ), for basic key figures ( Edit basic key figures ) and for the (aspect) structure definition ( Edit aspect). In the transactions for field maintenance all attributes for the characteristic / basic key figure can be entered, so that the definition using special maintenance views does not apply. Detailed screens are available to the individual fields. In addition, the creation of master data modules logically takes place from the characteristic maintenance and not with the aspect definition.

The aspect definition concentrates on the transfer of fields from the field catalog. By double-clicking on a field, however, you can jump to the individual field editing. The recommended editing sequence in Customizing is, first to create the necessary fields using the transactions for field maintenance and then to go to the aspect editing.

1. Currency - fiscal year variant

A fixed currency can be directly attached to an aspect now. This currency is valid for all aspect key figures to which this reference was assigned in the individual field maintenance.

In addition, the fiscal year variant of the aspect can be alternatively assigned the field VERSO (data area, previously version) determined. The last case is valid in Release 3.x, where the field VERSO was a fixed component of each aspect.

1. Assignment comments table

A comments table can be assigned to an aspect. In this table, comments can be stored on the key figures of a data record and then called up in reporting. For this see: Edit comments table.