Changes in the data transfer


The main changes are in the way you maintain sender structures and transfer rules and in the logs for data transfers. Stricter checks are carried out when data is imported to recognize whether data is of the right type. If data is of the wrong type, the import is terminated. The logs contain more detailed information about the errors that occurred. Consequently, it is no longer possible to generate batch input sessions out of incorrect receiver records. Moreover, there is now a user-friendly way to import Microsoft Excel spreadsheets.

System administration changes

Logs on data transfers no longer overwrite the logs from previous transfers. Each transfer writes a new log. You can delete the logs using program RKCDLMON. You no longer have to specify which logs should be created. Program RKCDLMON should be scheduled on a regular basis to delete the logs.

Change system parameters in customizing

The sender structures and rules are automatically converted.

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Further notes

For more information on the logs, see the online documentation "EC-EIS - Executive Information System."