Basic functions of Planning in EIS


You can plan directly in EC-EIS from release 4.0a. Both interactive online planning functions and automatic functions in the background are available. Using these functions, plan data can be edited for any characteristics and key figures of an aspect.

With the interactive online planning, you can configure the screen individually with the help of user-defined planning layouts. Which data is displayed in the rows and columns of the screen or should be offered for input is established in the planning layout.
In addition to the characteristics and key figures of the aspect structure, values can be displayed for calculated key figures. Local calculations are also possible using the definition of formula columns and rows in the layout. With the help of the so-called 'inverse formulas', values can also be calculated for basic key figures
in the planning layout. Values can be entered for the selected planning period in a sum and distributed over months with the help of the pre-defined season distribution.
Actual data can also be displayed on the planning screen and copied as default values for the planning. A revaluation of the values after the entry of a revaluation percentage record (Sales + 5% ) can be connected. All values can be planned in a foreign currency and translated. The translation types depend on the aspect, version and key figure.

The automatic planning aids the editing of larger quantities of data without screen dialog. You can generate plan data from actual data or plan data of other versions or periods. The data can be simply copied or revaluated when copying. If the seasonality of the past data should not be retained, you can cumulate the values of the selection period and redistribute it across the planning sub-periods according to a predefined seasonality.
The data can be updated directly or using the EIS transfer toolbox. The transfer toolbox enables currency translations, key figure calculations, and a data update in other aspects, clients or, where necessary, other systems.

Change system parameters in customizing

Create planning layout
Create distribution key
Maintain revaluation factor

Further notes

You can get further information from the online documentation for EC - Executive Information System.