Real Estate: 4.0A Correspondence


1. As from release 4.0A, and also from F3.04 to a certain extent, the following new correspondence functions have been added:
a) Printing of dunning notice in Real Estate has been adapted to the new dunning process in the FI application. You can now print payment documents when you print the dunning notice.
b) You can now also print payment documents when printing invoices (only with program RFVIRE01)
Program documentation "Correspondence Invoice"
c) In many programs you can now select collective rental agreements. This automatically generates a letter for every rental agreement belonging to a collective rental agreement.
d) You can create a joint letter for rent adjustments according to different adjustment methods. Details on sales grading are also available.
Program Documentation "Correspondence Rent Adjustment"
e) For service charge settlement letters, you can now also select rental agreements and periods, and not only the settlement identification as in previous releases. For a settlement unit, you will now also find details on rental units and apportionment factors.
Program documentation "Correspondence Service Charge Settlement"
f) You can create letters for sales settlements:
Program documentation "Correspondence Sales Settlement"
g) You can create letters for owner settlements:
Program Documentation "Correspondence Owner Settlement"
h) The POR documents for Switzerland can now be created on the basis of the cash flow:
Program Documentation "Correspondence POR Documents"
2. The following functions have changed in F3.04 and 4.0A:
a) The layout of some letters has been edited. SAPscript forms, the assignment of text modules to letters and the content of text modules have been adjusted accordingly.
To create your own letters you can now also use a predefined letterhead, footer and other texts for each company code. You make the necessary settings in Customizing.
b) In the service charge settlement letter you can additionally print total costs from the previous period.
Program Documentation "Correspondence Service Charge Settlement"

Change system parameters in customizing

For the rent adjustment resulting from an expert opinion, the field name of the expert opinion ID has changed (RVIMI17_ZS-SGUTA instead of RVIMI17_ZS-SIHMA).
Program Documentation "Correspondence Rent Adjustment Expert Opinion"
Change your letters accordingly.

You have to make the appropriate Customizing settings in payment document print to be able to print the payment document.