Retail: Features specific to Retail


The following features are important if you are using R/3 as a retail system ( SAP Retail):

Receiving points

You can sub-divide a plant into receiving points. These are the locations inside a plant at which goods are delivered (for example, the first floor). Each receiving point is assigned an unloading point.

An unloading point can also be assigned to another goods recipient, as in a distribution system. This is a particular feature of department stores.

Distribution chains

A distribution chain in SAP Retail is a combination of a particular sales organization and distribution channel. The distribution chains for which a plant is allowed to supply goods are defined in Customizing. A plant cannot make any deliveries unless it is assigned to a distribution chain. You can run analyses in the Retail Information System across distribution chains.

R/3 also contains sales areas, a combination of distribution chain and division. Since divisions are not actively used in SAP Retail, they have no particular meaning in retail and can be considered synonymous with the distribution chain.

Purchasing areas

Purchasing organizations responsible for negotiations with vendors and maintaining master data are assigned to purchasing areas. This enables you to run analyses across purchasing areas.

New warehouse organizational structure

Stocks of goods can be managed on a storage location basis within a plant. Different storage locations can be used for maintaining different types of stock, such as returns to vendor, promotional goods or goods for cross-docking.

Retail terminology

The terminology specific to the retail industry is reflected in SAP Retail. For technical reasons, however, the R/3 system is developed using standard SAP terminology, some of which is more specific to the manufacturing industry than the retail industry.

This terminology is, however, replaced by retail terminology when an SAP-Retail system is installed at the customer site. The terminology replaced is as follows:

SAP Standard SAP Retail
Material Article
Plant Site
Material group Merchandise category
MRP (material RP
requirements planning) (replenishment planning)
Factor calendar Logistics calendar

In Release 4.0 the retail terminology appears in the interface and is also used throughout the SAP Retail documentation. Standard terminology continues to appear, however, in the long texts (such as F1 help texts) and in the general documentation.