Flexible Planning: New and Changed Functions in Mass Processing


Release 4.0A of Flexible Planning comes with a number of new and changed functions for mass processing.

See the release note
Flexible Planning: Interface with Profitability Analysis (CO-PA).
The planning level at which a mass processing job is executed is now determined by the planning level given in the variant. The execution level can make a major difference to the results. For example, if you run the forecast at an aggregate level, the system aggregates the historical data before it carries out the forecast. However, if you run the forecast at the detailed level, the system carries out the forecast based on the historical data at this level, and then aggregates the forecast results in the planning table at run time. See also the release note Flexible Planning: Change to Logic of Macro Calculation.
With the exception of the forecast, the system now carries out mass processing jobs for the planning horizon you define in the planning type. (In Releases 3.0 and 3.1 you defined the planning horizon for a mass processing job in the profile.) As in Releases 3.0 and 3.1, you maintain the planning horizon for the forecast in the forecast profile.
Before you run a mass processing job, use the mass job report to see which characteristic value combinations will be processed. You can delete from the report any characteristic value combinations that you do not wish to process with this job.
After a mass processing job has run, you can see which characteristic value combinations were processed. The mass job report shows you the status of each characteristics values combination. If the job contained errors (status ‘E’), you will know for which characteristic value combinations you need to repeat the job.
To display a mass job report, choose Planning -> Mass processing -> Revise from the Flexible Planning menu. For more information, see "PP Sales & Operations Planning" in the R/3 Library.