Supply/Demand Match: Available Capacity Planning


A new maintenance transaction is available with Release 4.0, Industry Solutions for the semiconductor industry. This transaction makes it possible to maintain available capacity throughout work centers, and was developed to reduce the unwieldy maintenence requirements of capacity intervals, which previously were assigned directly to work centers. Capacity determines available work time according to time units and work centers. The new transaction makes it possible to maintain capacity in units of measurement.

Call up the transaction for capacity availability maintenance by entering CSCPCAP1 in the transaction field.


Capacity data must be maintained in the work center master data as before. A conversion factor between units of measurement and units of time is necessary.


Subdivisions of shifts and time cycles are not taken into account. Converting units of time to units of measurement could result in inaccuracies when figures are rounded off.


You can change the following data for work center, capacity type, and version:


The four categories listed above can be changed for the entire data range via a dialog popup. All planning periods for every work center, capacity type, and version up until the current one can be called up. Planning can take place in daily values or in the form of basic units.

Change system parameters in customizing

Changes in master data or Customizing are not necessary.