SCPI: Supply Chain Planning Interfaces, New Component in Release 4.0A


With Release 4.0A, SAP provides the following open interfaces to facilitate supply chain planning tasks:

These interfaces provide the link to external optimization systems. Two of the interfaces, LO-POI and SD-TPI, were available prior to Release 4.0A. SD-TPI, formerly SD-TRA-IN, remains unchanged.

Enhancements to LO-POI, formerly PP-POI, include:

The Demand Planning/Distribution Resource Planning Interface which enables the transfer of forecasting, distribution planning, and deployment data to and from external systems, is new in Release 4.0A.

The interfaces use ALE technology and RFCs to transfer data.

Software/hardware requirements

Certification is required for all Supply Chain Planning Interfaces.

Change system parameters in customizing

You configure SCPI in Customizing for the Supply Chain Planning Interfaces. The SCPI implementation guide (IMG) is to be found under Logistics General and includes the POI implementation guide, formerly available as part of the Production Planning (PP) IMG. For more information, see Supply Chain Planning Interfaces.