Goods receipt;. new functions in Retail


As a result of requirements from the retail sector (SAP Retail), Release 4.0A includes the following new functions:

Of which, the following were not included in SAP Retail Release 1.2B:

Splitting up of structured materials into components

You can only use this function if you use

SAP Retail.

In Customizing you can define whether a structured material (such as a lot or display) is automatically split up at goods receipt into its components.

For further information, please see the release note Inventory Management: New Functions in Retail .

Variant matrix for generic materials

You can only use this function if you use

SAP Retail.

When a goods receipt is posted for a purchase order containing variants of a generic material, an item is created for each generic material. You can branch to the variant maintenance screen for each generic material. This screen contains the variants from the purchase order as default values.

If you have two characteristics, you can use the variant matrix. For more than two characteristics, the variants can be displayed as a list.

Automatic generation of purchase order for goods receipts without purchase orders

Previously, no invoice verification was possible for goods receipts for which no purchase order existed. Now you can configure the system so that purchase orders are generated automatically in the background when goods receipt are posted, allowing the invoice to be later entered in Invoice Verification.

For further information, refer to the release information Automatic generation of purchase order for goods receipt without purchase order

Goods receipts referencing shipping units

When you enter a goods receipt for a shipping notification, rough goods receipt or delivery, by selecting a special indicator you can branch to an additional screen where the shipping units defined in the reference document (such as the delivery) are suggested by the system. You select the shipping units required, enabling the system to determine the individual items of the goods receipt.

Rough goods receipt

You can only use this function if you use

SAP Retail.

You can use rough goods receipts to "park" a goods receipt. When you enter a rough goods receipt, you enter the goods receipt data contained on the vendor delivery note and post the document that corresponds technically to a shipping notification. The system does not, however, post the goods receipt to the unrestricted-use stock.

A rough goods receipt can refer to more than one purchase order and can be entered referencing a shipping notification. Before you can enter a rough goods receipt, you must have selected a special confirmation key in the purchase order. When you then post the "proper" goods receipt to the unrestricted-use stock, you can refer to the rough goods receipt document.

Store goods receipt

A store goods receipt is only entered in the central R/3 system if Inventory Management is active for the store in question. If the store has no direct connection to the central R/3 system and goods receipts are entered in a store retailing system, the data can be transferred in the form of IDocs to the central R/3 system.

Store goods receipts comprise the following functions:

Two different scenarios exist:
If a store was supplied in a single step by a distribution center, a goods receipt was posted in the central system at the same time as a goods issue was posted. In this case the system compares the store data with the data in the goods receipt document in the central system. If differences occur, exception processing is triggered.
If a store was not supplied in a single step by a distribution center, the system automatically generates goods receipt documents for the store goods receipts.

Change system parameters in customizing

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Automatically create PO
Rough goods receipt