Functional Differences Between the Industry / Retail Material Master


As of Release 4.0A, the material master for retail (together with all other retail functions) has been included in the standard SAP R/3 System. However, this does not mean that industry material master maintenance and retail material master maintenance will be fused. There will continue to be the following separate functional areas:

Function Industry Retail
Online maintenance MM01/02/03 MM41/42/43
Display change documents MM04 MM44
Data transfer/ ALE Separate functions
Stock overview MMBE RWBE

How Does the Retail Material Master Differ from the Industry Material Master?

The retail material master has been extended to take account of the following special requirements in retail:

Unlike the industry material master, in which you can process only one material number, one plant, and so on at a time, the data from higher levels in the retail material master is transferred to the subordinate levels, provided you have not maintained the subordinate levels differently.
The data for a generic material is transferred to the variants. In addition, the data for reference plants is transferred to normal plants.

Conversely, some of the data and functions in the industry material master are not supported in the retail material master in Release 4.0A. These functions are as follows:

Purchase order texts for the purchasing info record are possible.

Materials that you create with the retail material master can be displayed with the industry material master, but not changed. Conversely, materials that you create with the industry material master cannot be processed in the retail material master.