Industry and Retail: Alternative User Interface with Tab Pages


Release 4.0A offers you an alternative user interface that has been ergonomically redesigned. It offers the following advantages:

The functions performed in the material master are unaffected by these changes.

An essential element in this alternative user interface is the tab page which is similar to an index card. The screen resembles a stack of index cards, each of which has a title such as the name of a user department. This title is always displayed and facilitates navigation from one screen to the next. By choosing the relevant tab title, you can bring the tab page to the foreground and process your data as required. As a result, the Goto menu is no longer required.

Change system parameters in customizing

In Customizing for the Material Master, the IMG activity Configure customized material master contains the following screen sequences for tab pages:

Changes to the interface

Besides the user departments, the functions previously contained in the Extras menu can also be accessed as tab pages by choosing Extras . You return to the tab pages for the user departments by choosing Back.

Changes in procedure

You make your entries on the initial screen, and in the Select View(s) dialog box and Organizational Levels dialog box in the usual way. When you choose Enter , the tab page appears for the first user department you selected, with the tab titles of the other user departments also visible. When you choose Enter, the system accesses the next user department you selected.

You can also navigate between user departments or between Extras functions with the arrows at the far right of the tab page. Each time you click the arrow, the system advances one tab page to the right or to the left accordingly. You use the arrow at the very far right of the tab page to display a menu of all possible user departments or Extras functions. By choosing a specific user department or Extras function from this menu, you can access it direct.

Further notes

For more information, see the documentation for the implementation guide (IMG) activity Configure customized material master .