Manufacturer Part Number (MPN)


As of Release 4.0A, you can utilize the material or part number used by the manufacturer ( manufacturer part number , MPN) in the procurement process, in addition to your firm's own material number.

The preconditions for this are:

Inventory management is carried out for the firm's own material.
You assign an MPN profile to the master record for the firm's own material

If desired, you can specify the following in the approved manufacturer parts list: which MPN materials may be procured during which period, whether they must be taken from a revision level, or whether they are blocked.
At this point, SAP provides the enhancement AMPL0001, by means of which you can define customer-specific criteria for the admissibility of manufacturer parts.
You maintain the list in the Purchasing menu under Master data.

Change system parameters in customizing

You set the indicator for the MPN in Customizing for the material master record:

Make global settings

You maintain MPN profiles in Customizing for Purchasing:

Define control profile for manufacturer parts

Changes in procedure

You can work with MPN materials in requisitions, RFQs, purchase orders, contracts, scheduling agreements, and confirmations

You can create info records for either your firm's own material or the MPN material. This is determined via the MPN profile in the master record for the MPN material.

You can also create source list entries and quota arrangements for MPN materials.

On the detail screens, you see both the firm's own and the MPN material.