Assortment: New Functions in Retail


As a result of requirements from the retail sector (SAP Retail), Release 4.0A includes the following new functions:

Of these, the following were not included in SAP Retail Release 1.2B:

Assortment module creation, including validity periods

You can create merchandise assortments and assign materials to them. Assortments can then be assigned to plants, which enables the plants to sell them. Additional materials can be assigned automatically to assortments as a result of checking rules during material maintenance or assortment maintenance functions. When you create assortments, you also specify a listing (validity) period. This determines the timeframe during which plants can procure and sell materials in this assortment.

Plant listing

You can create standard assortments for different plants. If a material is not listed for a specific plant, that material cannot be procured by or sold in that plant. You can also copy assortments from one plant to another.

Assortments for wholesale

You can only use this function if you use

SAP Retail.

You can assign an assortment to specific customers instead of plants. For wholesale, this means you can define special assortments for your retail customers.

Allowable units of measure

You can only use this function if you use

SAP Retail.

Normally listing results in all the units of measure of a material being assigned to an assortment. For promotions, however, it is possible to list only those (sales) units you specify.

Subsequent listing

During goods receipt or stock transfer, materials may arrive in a plant for which they are not listed. You can specify, both on a company-wide and on a plant-by-plant basis, whether receipt of such shipments is to be allowed or not. If allowed, the system will automatically create the appropriate material master data and listing conditions for the materials after the fact ("subsequent listing") so that the shipment can be received. If subsequent listing is disallowed, then the shipment cannot cannot be accepted and must be returned to the sender. There is also a user exit available so you can further customize how subsequent listing is handled by the system.

Listing reports

You can display a report showing the hierarchical structure of materials within an assortment, check whether a material is listed for a given plant, determine whether any materials were unsuccessfully listed error log), and search for materials whose listings are due to expire.

Refinements in handling generic materials (and variants) and sets

You can only use this function if you use

SAP Retail.

If you enter a generic material, all variants are automatically included. Alternatively, you can specify only certain variants.

If you enter a set, all components that make up the set are also included, along with their quantities.

Rack jobber assortment module

You can only use this function if you use

SAP Retail.

A new rack jobber module is available. This module can only be assigned to one vendor. A material listed in a rack jobber module cannot be listed in any other module. These materials are handled separately in POS, so that you can analyze sales and revenue information specific to materials maintained by rack jobbers.

Change system parameters in customizing

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