Sales Orders: New Functions in Retail


As a result of requirements from the retail sector (SAP Retail), Release 4.0A includes the following new functions:

The above functions were not included in SAP Retail Release 1.2B.

Support for generic materials (and variants) and sets

You can only use this function if you use

SAP Retail.

You can enter individual variants of a generic material directly in sales orders. Alternatively, you can enter the generic material itself, in which case the system displays all available variants so you can choose which ones to include in the sales order.

When you enter a set, the system includes all the components that make up that set, along with their quantities.

Sales order quantity optimizing

Sales order quantities can be optimized; that is, rounded to the next higher quantity. For example, if a case contains 12 bottles and the desired quantity is 22 bottles, the quantity might automatically be rounded to two cases (24 bottles).

In Customizing, you can determine whether or not rounding should take place, and if so, specify the rounding algorithm (rounding profile).

Department and receiving point determination

Departments and receiving points can automatically be determined in sales orders. Using departments and receiving points enables you to more finely specify the final destination for a shipment or portions of a shipment, thus reducing the time it takes for the goods to become available for the receiver’s use or sale.

If the sales order header contains department and receiving point information, this becomes the default for all items, but you can override it for individual items if you wish. Items in a sales order may have different receiving points and/or departments.

In Customizing for Retail you can specify for each type of document whether or not automatic department and receiving point determination is to be done.

Change system parameters in customizing

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