RIS: New Functions in Retail


As a result of requirements from the retail sector (SAP Retail), Release 4.0A includes the following new functions:

The functions were not included in Retail 1.2B.

Standard functions (LIS)

You can enter types for information structures (possible types: "standard", "without period", "without updating", "standard (with stock values)").
In particular this supports the modeling of stock values (e.g. "stock" key figure) in customer information structures.
For further information on this, see release note Customer information structures - attribute maintenance.
The following functional enhancements have been made in the area of standard evaluation:


Change system parameters in customizing

See the IMG for the
Logistics Information System (LIS)


The following points were planned for Release 4.0, yet no explicit solution was developed for them. These points can, however, be implemented without problems in customer projects.