Engineering Change Management: Release Procedure for BOM Changes


Changes to change objects (such as BOMs) have always become active on thevalid-from date of the change master record.

As of Release 4.0A, the following functions give you more control over the release procedure for BOMs:

Activate release procedures for change master records

In Customizing, you can activate release procedures for change master records. This allows you to release changes that are made with a change master record after going through a release procedure for subsequent application areas (such as production).

You can:

In future releases, you will be able to:

Define function of change master record

The function of a change master record determines which checks are included in the release procedure.

If you activate release procedures in Customizing, you can select one of the following functions for a change master record:

No release procedure (automatic release).
Check release key.
Check release key.
Check release key of leading change master record.

Create change hierarchy

If you using different change master records to make related changes, you can link these change master records by creating a two-level hierarchy.

To do this, you create change master records with the following functions:

Determines when the change becomes effective (for example, on the Valid-from date).

You can display the change hierarchy from the engineering change management menu (Reporting -> Change hierarchy).

Change system parameters in customizing

To activate release procedures, perform the Customizing step: Define control data.