Serial Numbers in Production and Refurbishment Orders


From Release 4.0A you can also assign material serial numbers using an object list for production orders (PP) and refurbishment orders (PM) (new funtion in Plant Maintenance from 4.0A).

These orders are documented as an additional element (in addition to notification, order, goods movement, inspection lot, SD document) in the transaction history of the serial numbers (new database table SER05).

New serialization procedures

The following new

serialization procedures are now included in the serial number profiles:

This operation determines how serial numbers are created when production orders or refurbishment orders are created or changed:
This operation defines that serialization requirement exists when orders are released. This means that if none or not all of the serial numbers have been assigned, the order cannot be released.

The serial numbers always refer to the order item.


If you want to manage refurbishment and production orders differently with regards to serialization, you must create different serial number profiles. You must then assign the required serialization profile to the respective materials (refurbishment material or finished products).

Special features of the production order

When printing shop papers, a separate label with bar code can be printed for each serial number.

If a production order with reference to a sales order item is created within the framework of make-to-order production, the system proposes all serial numbers that are assigned to this item in the production order.


The serial numbers that are assigned to the order are transferred to the document on goods receipt.

Change system parameters in customizing

Check the serial number profiles that you use and ammend the operations where necessary.

For more information, see the section about Serial Number Management in the Implementation Guide.